Focus & Bio

Coaching and solutions for individuals and organizations of all sizes.


Before I became a coach, I was both an entrepreneur and business executive.

I’ve launched small businesses, managed national organizations and was one of the founding senior executives at DIRECTV.

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Coaching Programs

Are you ready to move ahead in your career?

Does your organization need new approaches?

Is your personal life needing some attention?

If so – Welcome! You’ve come to the right place!  

I’ve helped individuals around the world to achieve new levels of success, breaking through self limiting barriers and develop new strengths.  

Working with organizations and businesses, of all sizes, I’ve provided new approaches and time-tested methods that moved their teams forward, often in difficult environments. I’ll do the same for you.

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Individuals and Organizations

Return on Investment. I understand the critical need for results. With +30 years experience working with individuals, small business leaders and executives worldwide, I’ve created startups, managed billion dollar organizations, and overseen turnarounds.

I am ICF certified as an Executive and Business Life Coach. My focus is on organizations and leaders in the entertainment, media, production and distribution sectors. I also work successfully with organizations in many other fields and sizes.

I use The Four Windows Process© – utilized by some of the finest coaches and business consultants worldwide because it is so powerful.

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