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Do you ever dream of changing your life?

Take advantage of my corporate and business experience.

Would you like to become a true entrepreneurial corporate success?

I can save you from years of learning 'the hard way' I was shown how it's done by the Chairman of CVC. That corporation was started by 1 individual who knew how to get things done in a tough environment.

It now owns companies like: Cablevision, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and more. And it was all started by the chairman!

Hint: Simply working more hours doesn't often generate the really great results.

I help business people attain their very best performance, and reach new levels of success. I've been doing this for over 2 decades.

Do you think you should earn more?

Is your career progress simply not satisfactory?

Seem like things have been a bit 'off' lately?

I'll improve your management skills and performance in 30 days....

  • You'll get state of the art coaching methods combined with proven tools and business tactics I developed while an executive working in executive suites and board rooms of companies across North America.
  • If you don't agree that after just 4 weeks you're doing much better - I'll give you a full refund.

Corporate Executive - Want to be more effective?
Together we'll create a custom designed Action Plan geared to enhance performance, clear roadblocks and unlock potential. This will be one of your best personal investments.

Working with John allows me to entirely change the way I view myself and the people I interact with daily. I never believed I needed coaching - but working with John accelerated my professional growth tremendously - S. Tomenchok, Director

Business Operators - Finding out that it really is lonely at the top?

John has a no nonsense approach. He quickly helped me take the actions I needed to get the next level. I am certain his skills and vast personal experience will help anyone in business... - Randy Otto, President, Automotive Specialty Group

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Do You Have a Plan?

John helped hundreds of people create a personalized Action Plan

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