Career Wisdom

101 Proven Strategies to Ensure Workplace Success

Can you imagine a two hour investment of your time having a really
major impact on your career?

Did you know that office politics can be a good thing?

Would you like the best 5 tips to help you succeed (even with a bad boss)?

Ever wish you could negotiate better using secrets used by professionals?

How would you like to know the 11 BEST characteristics of the really great managers?

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We took some of the best, most succinct, and easiest to use ideas of one of America's premier leadership and executive coaches and put them into one easy to digest book, first published in 2009. Unlike a lot of books which provide interesting-but-hard-to-use information, we think is the BEST collection of career advice and guidance you will come across.

No hard to understand theories with limited application for most people, this collection gives you real world; hands-on material. It really can be used immediately to improve your career satisfaction.

Would it help you to learn the 10 habits which can ensure Career Self Sabotage?

Schmoozing? Want a few easy-to-use ideas to look like a winner?

To vacation or not – new research gives you the right answer.

"Career Wisdom, 101 Proven Strategies to Ensure Workplace Success" is a compilation of articles and writings by John M McKee most have which have been published in the United States, Canada and Britain. We’ve taken some of his best ideas to create a kind of “users manual” to help people like you to improve your job satisfaction and career success.

The ideas, tips, and secrets within this book have been the subjects of numerous TV and radio interviews with John from England to Canada as well as many national and local programs like ABC National News, the Fox News Channel in the US.

Thousands of people read John's articles on the internet on dozens of websites. His web radio show, Business Success Coaching, on is listened to daily by those who want the advice of one of America's best management coaches.

The concepts in this book have already been read and used by thousands of people; and now they are available to you in one book at outlets worldwide.

Do You Have a Plan?

John helped hundreds of people create a personalized Action Plan

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