Employment Negotiations

When it comes to compensation, it's smart to use an outside expert. We strongly recommend that you do not expect your boss / employer to simply give you the best package possible.

Recently promoted? Taking a new job? Being let go?

When I was leading organizations, whether they were small or $1.6B in revenue, I saw firsthand that most executives simply accept what they're offered. At the same time, it became very clear that the people who got the most were never shy about asking for more. How they did that made the difference.- John McKee

Get Proven Strategy, Tips and Advice

  • Salary. Bonuses. Incentives
  • Leaving a company / final compensation packages
  • Joining a company: new benefits, opportunities
  • The differences between "total comp" and salary
  • Employment Contracts: Understand what they actually say
  • LTAP's, LTIPS, other "secret" award programs
  • New hire benefits you may not be aware of
  • Why women are still getting less than guys

Are you getting what you deserve?

The best-paid individuals use experts "behind the scenes" to help them negotiate their compensation. They do that to ensure they get most possible.

Our leader, John M McKee, has over 30 years of experience leading organizations of all sizes. During that time he personally oversaw the hiring, promoting, firing and layoff of over 3000 people. As the boss, he saw how certain individuals always got a bit more than others who simply accepted what was offered.

When things get emotional or highly charged, it's easy to lose perspective. Don't allow yourself to miss additional benefits or more compensation.

Entering into a new phase of your life? If so - we encourage you to look after yourself. Make sure you are treated as well as possible. Use an expert.

When it comes to your compensation DO NOT simply rely on your boss, or the company, to offer you what's best for you.

Gain the advantage. Use a pro as your career partner working with you behind the scenes.

When a new client comes to me, one of the first questions I ask her / him is, "Are you making more than others at your firm? I've learned that the best paid people know where they stand. But most don't. If you haven't got a clue how you're doing, chances are you're not getting what you deserve. I suggest you check out GlassDoor.com for some unbiased insight.- John McKee

Contact Us - If You Are:

  • Joining a new employer
  • Getting terminated / leaving an organization
  • Being promoted
  • Negotiating a raise
  • Discussing your bonus
  • Uncertain about things like long term awards plans

It's hard to tell what's fair and what isn't. Use a pro to make certain that you get everything you deserve. We'll walk you through each item you want to understand. You'll know what to do.

Negotiating with your boss or the HR Department can be difficult. How you handle the discussion makes the difference. The best negotiators get more than their peers. Usually they're the ones who are most respected by their bosses, too.

If you are uncertain what to ask, or what to expect - contact us now.

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