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How my coaching process works

IMG_0351Over the years, I've heard many people ask if coaching will work for them. This is a legitimate concern - after all, there are now over 150,000 people who call themselves coaches.

Here's my advice:

  • Choose a coach who uses a solid, understandable process. One that's already been proven to get the job done for many people.
  • Make sure you understand the coaching approach that you'll be using. If there isn't a clear path, be cautious - it's your time and money and it should be easy to understand

I use The Four Windows Coaching Process©. It is so successful that it's now used in 26 countries, by some of the best coaches in the world. Consequently; I can promise you results - or your money will be refunded. (Shouldn't every coach offer a guarantee...?)

About The Four Windows Coaching Process.

Window 1 – The Foundational Window:

1.Reviewing your life currently - What’s Great, What’s not-as-Great, and What’s Just Not-Good. Each of us have a career life and a personal life. We’ve been taught to keep them separate. We'll show you how to make the best of both.

2. Looking at a better future. We’ll develop a clear picture for your life. Career / business, Wealth, Personal needs.

Window 2 – The Attributes Window:

1.Understanding Your Areas for Development Focusing on your weaknesses doesn’t really support you moving forward, but it is good to be aware of them. When identified, we'll consider what works - and what doesn’t.

2 Assessing your Strengths Most people don't take the time to methodically consider all of their strengths. We'll build on your natural talents and skills.

Window 3 - The Window of Evolvement:

1. Recognizing your 'real' priorities Business people admit that they're better at managing their career then their personal life. Others tell us that they can't engage at work because of their personal life.

2. You'll have the tools to move faster - being more focused on the important things.

Window 4 - The Window of Opportunity:

1. Establish Prioritization Using your real priorities, we'll create a plan to achieve your goals. You'll have a structure to support you during the process of achieving those goals.

2. No Walls will Hold You Back Successful people know that no plan is 100% perfect. To deal with that possibility, you'll learn how to ensure you always have options.

Do You Have a Plan?

John helped hundreds of people create a personalized Action Plan

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