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Return on Investment. I understand the critical need for results. With +30 years experience working with individuals, small business leaders and executives worldwide, I've created startups, managed billion dollar organizations, and overseen turnarounds.


I am ICF certified as an Executive and Business Life Coach. My focus is on organizations and leaders in the entertainment, media, production and distribution sectors. I also work successfully with organizations in many other fields and sizes.

I use The Four Windows Process© - utilized by some of the finest coaches and business consultants worldwide because it is so powerful. You, or your organization, will make dramatic improvements, overcome roadblocks and realize new levels of success.

With 30 years of experience, I'm proud to have a reputation for providing solid, actionable guidance based on proven strategies. I'll do the same for you or your business.

Learning on the job doesn't work in today's fast moving environments.....

"John M McKee is, quite simply, an excellent business coach. I'm a bottom line kind of guy, and the real estate business isn't easy right now. So when I'm making an investment, I want results and I want them quickly or I move on.

John delivered - 1 year after we started working together, income had doubled. Since then, it's continued to grow. There are a lot of coaches out there and probably many of them are good. But why settle for "just good" when you can have someone who's great? - J. Michael Paul, Broker, Horse Property and Land Consultant

I am fortunate to have many large organizations count on me on a regular basis. I do a lot of work with individuals who generously provide testimonials about our success together. Additionally, I love working with businesses - having done startups and run managed a few businesses myself, I'll help ensure you are focused on the "right" things.

Here's a partial list of organizations I have helped:

  • Time Warner Cable
  • ING
  • CNBC
  • Viacom
  • Nike
  • Participant Media
  • Automotive Specialty Group
  • SES Americon
  • Bank of America
  • TPG
  • American Airlines
  • UBS
  • Nickelodeon
  • BrightHouse Networks
  • Bikram Yoga franchisees
  • Encompass Media
  • Comcast
  • Electronic Arts
  • ESPN

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