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Fox News Channel TV: Woman Fired for Laughing on the Job - It's an unfortunate reality that many states still allow a boss to fire an otherwise good employee for "personal" reasons. While on the #1 rated show Fox and Friends, John was asked for some quick advice about what to do next. Very interesting clip.

WRCB TV ran an article which should be read by any woman who is serious about her career success. John joined with several other experts, to provide insight and suggestions.

Does Your Boss "Love" You? Take This Test To Find Out.

Here's a good "wake up call" at Savvy Miss. They used John's thoughts about making sure you DON'T get fired!

CNN's Interview on Self Sabotage - Here are John's 10 Danger Signs to watch out for in your own career.

Cosmopolitan en espanole Magazine recognizes that John has a unique understanding and advice for women everywhere. They recently spoke to John about issues affecting women and how to deal with them. If you're bilingual, this is a an easy read. And John's tips and tactics are easy to implement!

7 Ways to Negotiate Better (Without Affecting Your Karma)

One reason for pay gap: Women don't ask
Bias plays a role in holding down salaries, but so do poor negotiating skills

Pride, envy and other workplace sins - John was interviewed by the New Jersey Record about the the new "7 Deadly Sins" in the workplace.

How to Schmooze Your Way to Success at Holiday Office Parties - Expert Tips by John for Boosting Your Career through Holiday Party Networking and Constructive Holiday Party Etiquette

NBC's The Office - Too close to your real life? - Read's article on NBC's The Office. Then take the quiz John created to see how you measure up as a boss. At the end of this, John also provides practical advice to improve your style.

After people around the world ordered his first book, John M McKee's new book “Career Wisdom, 101 Proven, Easy-to-Use, Strategies to Ensure Workplace Success" is already getting a lot of attention! Get to know John a bit here. Watch this quick TV show clip.

NBC Miami Televisions Show - One of Miami's best known show hosts interviews John about his book "21 Ways Women in Management Shoot Themselves in the Foot". The interview starts on a fast pace with her question - Why is a man writing a book about women in business?. It carries on in that vein.

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