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Looking to improve your "game"?

Are you having any issues in your career or personal life?  Perhaps you'd like to have more success financially?  How would you like to have one of America's best-recognized coaches help you move forward?

Right now - you can.

International business executive coach, John M McKee, has helped people in 42 countries. He appears in magazines, newspapers, and on TV and radio to offer advice, tips and tactics to help people to become more successful.  He is frequently asked to address large groups to share his thoughts and recommendations for having a more satisfying life.  (Here's his page on Amazon.)

                                                       Our  Limited Time Offer:

We are currently offering each of John's published books at $4.99.  

"Why," you may ask, "can I get any one of (or even all 3!) of John M McKee's books for just $4.99?"

Good question -  and we've got a good answer:  John wants to help as many people as he can.

These books, in both hard copy, and as EBooks, have been for sale online at places like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in bookstores worldwide since each of them were published.  You can still purchase them at prices ranging up to $14.95US at many outlets.

Here you can have them as EBooks for $4.99 each.

Thousands of people have read John's writings over his career.  His ideas have helped countless individuals to have a better life in each of the 3 Key Life Elements: Career, Personal / Family, and Financial.  

Take advantage of this offer and have a better, more satisfying life.



Price: $4.99 Details

Price: $4.99 Details

Price: $4.99 Details

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