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Just Released! Our new online ECoaching program:

Are you ready to take control of your life? This program is for you if you've ever wondered:

  • Is it possible to have a great career and personal life?
  • Can I get a job doing something I really like?
  • Why do I keep racking up credit card debt when I "know" better? How do I get control of my financial situation, once and for all?
  • Am I ever going to have decent personal life?
  • Can I actually find a true "life partner"?
  • Am I doomed to have a body like this?

You've come to the right place! The Plan Online Coaching Program is packed with worksheets, new concepts, and easy to implement ideas that will turn your life "around".

The Plan arrived in local bookstores in March. Since then:

  • This amazing book is already for sale on 3 continents
  • Individuals - at all levels - are using it to redo their entire life
  • Over 54 TV shows, radio programs, newspapers and magazines have reviewed and recommended it.

In their new book, authors Helen Latimer and John M McKee showed readers a method that, for years, has been used by successful organizations. ECoaching by email allows you how to take advantage of that same method to take control of your own life.ECoaching Programs allow you to work with a seasoned coach at your convenience.

Price: $12.95

Case Study:

Client - a female executive in telecommunications industry wanted more balance in her personal life and to move her career progress along more quickly.

Within 9 months of completing her one on one coaching program using many of the processes in this ECoaching program she had been promoted, moved to a new city, was making nearly 2x her earlier income, and enjoying more time to pursue her hobbies and personal goals.

Personal Balance, Career Success, Financial Strength - 11 Steps to Your Plan

Guaranteed Results in only 9 Weeks

Fact: Less than 6% of all people actually plan and manage their lives. Of those who do, over 85% say they are satisfied with their life overall.

Compare that level of satisfaction to the rest of the population. Or to your own life. This one-on-one ECoaching program provides you with the same concepts, tactics, tips, and tools found in The Plan.

Using the same methods, worksheets and approaches that have been so successfully by individuals and organizations across world, The Plan ECoaching program will give you insight, tactics and tools to create a life of success and satisfaction.

You'll get "tests" that allow you to see where you are doing well, and where there are opportunities to check. We supply you with reading materials, new ideas used by very successful individuals, and easy to implement planners guaranteed to give you a life that is satisfying and successful.

Would you invest $12.95 to have a life of success in each of the 3 Key Life Elements?

  • There's the personal side. This is all replenishment, doing things you care about and being with those you love.
  • The second life element is the career or job side of your life. That's how you make the money to do or have what you want.
  • The final one is the financial element of life. Making enough money and developing an approach that will ensure you make the most of what you have.

Surveys done by Business Success Coach Network show us that most people are "pretty good" at 1 of these key life elements. And some are pretty good at 2 of them.

However, only 6% say they're satisfied with how they're doing in each of 3 Key Life Elements. Our ECoaching Program gives you all of the tools you need to regain balance in your life and move forward in your career.

  • Learn the single best secret that's used by all VERY-successful individuals Start managing your future. Most people don't (and their life's results show it!)
  • Get the right 'balance' in each of your 3 lives - business, personal, and financial

"Without a doubt, a solid life plan is the single most important step for a life of balance and success."

**All products and services come with a full Money-Back Guarantee

Do You Have a Plan?

John helped hundreds of people create a personalized Action Plan

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