Women in Management

John's first book, first published in 2006 is still a big seller.

Presented in an easy to read format, this book looks at the key issues which reduce your chances of absolute success in your career. And it provides options. You don't need to be road blocked!

With real life examples you are given new tactics and tips to ensure you overcome any obstacles in your business life.

Written by the President & Founder of BusinessSuccessCoach.net John McKee, this Management Report is packed with valuable ideas and secrets learned from his work as a Senior Executive and Success Coach.

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Are You a woman on a career path?

Have you ever asked yourself -

  • Why only 7% of the largest companies are run by women?
  • If you're running into hidden roadblocks on the job?
  • Are there success 'secrets' you could use to gain an advantage?
  • Is gender bias keeping you below your potential?
  • Do "the boys" know things that you don't about getting ahead?

If you are a woman in management, or if you plan to become one, this is simply the best book you can get.

Known as "the woman's success advocate", John will give you new perspective and empowerment with his book.

He has developed this Management Report to help professional women to understand and succeed in corporate environments which have evolved in many cases - with only male leaders. This Management Report will help professional women to take hold of their careers. They will know EXACTLY how to get ahead working with and through the old boy's club."

Would your career benefit from being able to discuss and plan your escalation plans with someone who has actually been the decision maker?

Ever wondered about the following?

  • Is it (still) necessary to become one of the boys to get ahead?
  • What do those guys actually think and say when no women are around? Hint One: It's not always business related!
  • What are the so-called male and female attributes? How do they work in a business environment?
  • Why is sitting on your foot never done by very senior women executives?
  • Is being feminine a show stopper for career oriented women?
  • Is being perceived as being sensitive good or bad why?
  • Why is it often hard to think of something to say in business meetings?
  • Is power dressing an opportunity to improve visibility?
  • What are the action words that always work in meetings?

Managing Through and Around the Old Boys Network

Based upon the successful group coaching program John McKee leads with professional women; this Report will give you insight that's simply not available anywhere else. With an easy-to-read, and often humorous approach, you can read it very quickly. You get the real benefits of having a certified coach guiding you on the job as soon as the next day!

You will quickly learn:

  • How to fast-track your career success - like never before.
  • The easiest ways to recognize when gender bias is holding you back.
  • Simple and easy to use tips for acting more confident in all situations.
  • Important communication tools and skills used by successful leaders.
  • When to use so-called 'female' attributes to your best advantage.

Do You Have a Plan?

John helped hundreds of people create a personalized Action Plan

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